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Best Frontity Themes

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Frontity themes is the best choice of headless cms. The development of WordPress has always been centred around PHP, but as the use of headless CMS grows, you can now seamlessly build fast websites with React and WordPress using a framework like Frontity. In this article, we will share with you the themes available to use on your Frontity website. But before that, we will look into what Frontity is and the advantages of using it.

Before we are going through the details we should have a clear understanding frontity.

What is frontity?

Frontity is a free and open-source platform for creating React JS-based WordPress applications. While React creation has many advantages, it requires a lengthy setup process that involves bundling, server rendering, data fetch using rest api and so on. Fortunately, Frontity removes all of these processes, allowing you to quickly progress to the development stage.
Frontity was built from the ground up with 100 % WordPress in mind. The Frontity architecture has been streamlined and optimized for the platform in every way. Your WordPress website’s data will be served via the REST API once Frontity is set up and run normally. Frontity will then ingest this data and render it as a Single Page Application in the web browser (SPA)

Advantages of using  frontity themes

Frontity Theme is extremely Easy to use: 

One of the most important benefits of using Frontity is it is very simple to set up. Few configurations are needed since it was created specifically for WordPress. Additionally, API queries have been pre-configured to meet the needs of WordPress developers. Frontity is a great tool for WordPress developers who are just getting started with React. 

Lighting Fast Loading:

Frontity can also boost the efficiency of your website , resulting in faster loading times without the need for additional assets. Frontity sends a React-generated, navigation-ready HTML page that can be used right away. As a result, the initial load seems to be almost instantaneous.

Frontity will help you to rank in Search engine ( SEO benefit):

Your clients or visitors will never have to wait when browsing your site with Frontity, resulting in a good browsing experience. Since page speed is a ranking factor in Google searches, using an optimized solution like Frontity will help you rank higher. It’s really an awesome feature for this theme. You just choice best frontity WordPress Theme for your website.


Frontity is a very customer friendly framework, like WordPress, is extremely adaptable and extensible. Themes and plugins would function without requiring any code changes. The React packages that are currently available through the Node Package Manager are also compatible with Frontity’s themes.

Frontity Themes

Portfo- Frontity personal portfolio theme

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frontity WordPress Theme

Portfo is a creative frontity personal portfolio theme ideal for every developer, designer and content writter. Whether you wish to create an appealing presentation of your design portfolio, artist portfolio, or showcase your art gallery and art shop, this theme has got just what you need.

Twenty Twenty

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Twenty Twenty is the best frontity default theme. It is designed similar to the Twenty Twenty theme of WordPress. fully customizable. This theme is based on Gutenberg.

Theme feature:

  1. Accessibility Ready
  2. Custom Colors
  3. Search Functionality 
  4. Content Auto Prefetch
  5. Featured Images
  6. Pagination

Frontity Mars Theme

frontity themes

Mars is the frontity default theme.Its designed for the blogger to develop headless cms sites. If you work with React and Emotion  you’ll find it easy to add and modify components from this theme.

Frontity AWSM F1 Starter Theme

frontity themes

This theme is developed by the awsm who focused on WordPress Gutenberg W editor blocks connected with frontity. You can use this for multi purposes and you can design on gutenberg and changes will shown on frontend of website

Theme feature:

  1. Very easy to use
  2. Implemented gutenberg blocks
  3. Search Functionality 
  4. Content Auto Prefetch
  5. Featured Images

Frontity Chakra Theme

frontity themes

Chakra is an awesome, clean, modern and beautiful frontity theme. This theme can be used to create a blog website. 

This theme is great for also helpful for the developers to learn the frontity functionality as well great for those who want to develop headless cms and use the power of javascript. 

Theme Feature: 

  1. Easy to Customize 
  2. Search FUnctionality 
  3. Progress Indicator
  4. Mobile Menu
  5. Social Links