figma email template

Best Figma Email Template Choices- Free & Paid

figma email template

Figma could be a standard UI/UX style app that permits you to make your company’s brand with nearly infinite choices. Figma came out as a powerful new player in 2016 permitting style and software package development groups to collaborate on any platform.

With simply a few clicks of your mouse, you’ll be able to construct your company’s website, ads, and emails.

Using these choices for the gratis Figma email template will improve the planning of your company’s news sheet and e-commerce emails. This can be particularly with the emails you propose on causation to your purchasers.

Finding email templates to hurry your style method that’s conjointly Figma compatible may be tough. Thus to avoid wasting your time, we’ve compiled 5 choices for the gratis Figma email template for you.

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Paris – 15 Newsletter Templates

figma email template

Paris– 15 Newsletter Templates are the most effective newsletter-style templates by Royalz Store. This package includes a thumping of fifteen templates for your customization and use.

However, the inflated range of templates is mirrored within the worth that is $24 for an ad license. Although it’s one of the foremost high-ticket packages on this list, it provides a high level of customization with vectored and bedded templates.


  • Fifteen total templates enclosed within the package.
  • Multiple files to be used in numerous applications.

 Ecommerce Email Templates

figma email template

Figma eCommerce email template by Middleton can in all probability higher suit your desires. However, each of the templates during this pack is available in PSD, FIG, and TXT formats for mercantilism. This suggests you get four Photoshop and 4 Preview files, which can be helpful or redundant counting on your project.

Priced at $14 for the industrial license, it’s a lot more expensive than several others on this list. This template return layered and vectored, thus they’re simply customizable to suit your brand’s actual desires at intervals the Figma app. In addition, this package comes with a free font for you to use as a fun bonus.


  • Already designed for each desktop and mobile device.
  • Additional font enclosed within the package.
  • 100% customizable.

3. Campaign email template

figma email template

This package of email campaign templates is additionally by Middleton. Like with the e-mail e-commerce Templates, this package comes with 2 email templates already pre-made. Enclosed with these templates is another free font, totally different from the one within the e-commerce package.

At $14 for the industrial license, this can be even as expensive because of the e-commerce templates. Like Middleton’s eCommerce templates, this package comes with desktop and mobile versions in numerous component dimensions. These are entirely customizable; coming back each bedded and vectored to allow you complete management over your final style.


  • Completely customizable.
  • Includes desktop and mobile templates.
  • Two forms of templates: one to welcome customers and one to profile your brand/company.

4. Welcome Email Templates

figma email template

Once again, the Welcome email templates package is by Middleton. Like the opposite 2 Middleton packages, you’re obtaining 2 pre-made email templates.

It ought to return as no surprise that this set of templates is additionally $14 for the industrial license. Just like the different 2 Middleton packages, these bedded and vectored templates offer you 100% management over your emails’ customization. Another free font is enclosed during this package moreover, giving even a lot of distinctive styles.


  • Geared towards obtaining customers to move together with your organization, brand, or company.
  • comes with desktop and mobile versions of the templates.
  • High customization ability.
figma email template


  1. Responsive
  2. Easy to Customize
  3. ready mock up

Blush plugin used for the illustration, which means that you can customize them however you want using the Blush plugin!

5. New Product Email Templates

The Setproduct Email template is our next item list. It is a Figma-friendly template at your fingertips.

This pack is free, it’s quite probably the most effective deal. For using the template,you needn’t start from scratch. It’s a breeze to use and absolutely customize these templates.


  • Responsive.
  • Easy to customize.
  • Can be edited to fit your brand.

Final Thoughts

It may be quite difficult to seek out email templates styled to figure in Figma’s design system. However, with a touch little of looking out, it’s potential to seek out templates to suit any of your company’s mailing desires. These choices for the gratis Figma email template provide you with many choices that are simply customizable.