best 10 figma ios ui kit

Best 10 Figma iOS UI Kit


If you know how to design a mobile app from scratch then you certainly know that creating the UI from scratch can be fun. But at the same time; it is quite a  time-consuming task. Any UI should have good usability, be parallel to brand guidelines, and look trendy. It gets even more complicated when a strict deadline and a limited budget get attached to it. Designing a UI for iOS is also complicated as it has a segmented user base.  But there is a very simple solution to this problem, and it is called a UI kit. A UI kit is a tool that can help you get rid of pressure and free up your creative intellect. So what exactly an iOS UI kit is?

What is iOS UI Kit?

A User Interface (UI) kit is a collection of graphic files and resources that contains a set of design elements and styles. UI elements are those which convey meaning and provide the functionality to an App/WebApp. Think buttons, widgets, checkboxes, retina-ready displays, and navigation buttons are some examples of UI Kit elements. And kits that are specially developed for Apple devices are called iOS UI Kit. Figma is an unprecedented hub for getting hands-on high-quality iOS UI kits. Here is a list of 10 best iOS kits you will get from Figma.

1- Awesome iOS UI Kit

figma iOS ui kit


120+ iOS Premium Templates

1100+ UI Elements

10 Popular Categories

100% Vector, Fully Scalable & Customizable

The latest System iOS 12

8 px Grid

Pixel Perfect Quality

Downloa Link- https://ui8.net/buydesign/products/awesome-ios-ui-kit?rel=bkk

2- Nucleus Free UI Kit for Figma

figma iOS ui kit


348 Total Components

58 Component Categories

36 Example Screens

Financial Graphics

Corporate colors

Download link- https://www.uistore.design/items/nucleus-free-ui-kit-for-figma/

3- Deca Free UI Kit for Figma

figma iOS ui kit


Clean charts, pop ups, cards

20 illustrations from Stubborn Generator

Bright color palette

Big library of grids

Typography set

Download Link- https://figmaelements.com/deca-ui-kit/

4- eCommerce Free App UI Kit for Figma


HD quality 4000x3000px

Figma Compatibility

Drag & Drop Screen

Awesome illustrations, icons, and user journey

Find products by image search

Set several payment methods and delivery addresses

Download Link- https://figmaelements.com/light-ecommerce-ui-kit/

5- Marvie – Free iOS UI Kit for Sketch and Figma

figma iOS ui kit


30+ beautiful screens

Easy scaling & editing

Modern & clean look

Multipurpose elements

Available for Figma

Dark mode!

Download Link- https://www.figma.store/download/marvie-ios-ui-kit-for-sketch-and-figma/

6- Apple Widgets UI Kit for Figma

figma iOS ui kit


iOS 14 Focused

Terrific mix of colors

Dynamic shape design

Suitable for prototype

Download Link- https://figmaelements.com/ios-14-apple-widgets-ui-kit/

7- Payment App iOS UI – Free Figma Resource

figma iOS ui kit


Commercial Elements

In-Build Calculator

Corporate colors

Inclusive card and other gateway

Download Link- https://figmaelements.com/payment-app-ios-ui/

8- MNML iOS UI Kit – Free Figma iOS UI KIT

figma iOS ui kit


176 iOS UI Patterns

762 Components

High-End Photographic tone

Dark Mode Inclusion

Download Link- https://figmaelements.com/mnml-ios-ui-kit/

9- Telegram iOS UI Kit – Free Figma Resource

figma iOS ui kit


  • Flawless Chat Interface
  • Bold Shaded Buttons
  • Ultra High Security
  • Theme Based Room Creation
  • Sufficient Backup Inclusion

Download Link- https://figmaelements.com/telegram-ios-ui-kit/

10- iOS Native Styles UI Kit

figma iOS ui kit


  • iOS original elements
  • Color customization
  • Font Optimization
  • 79 additional patterns

Download Link- https://figmaelements.com/ios-native-styles-ui-kit/

How to use iOS Figma UI kit? 

iOS design kit is the newest library of iOS templates and components. This kit is outlined on the principles and styles specified by Apple in Human Interface Guidelines. To use an iOS Figma kit, at first you have to download the whole kit file from a trustworthy server. You will also get a lot of kits in our given links. Then you can easily open it on your Figma edit board and start designing your UI. You can also set the Apple device which you are going to design for. 

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